Rockbrook International organise English programmes for schoolchildren aged from 10 to 17. We give our students the opportunity to study for a term in a local school. We have a network of over 40 Catholic schools in Dublin and its surrounding areas. These schools have been carefully selected to meet our standards of quality. The particular school selected for a Rockbrook student will be the one best suited to the requirements of the student. Schools play an important role in developing the intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacity of the children. Close cooperation between teachers, students, tutors and the Rockbrook staff is a key part of the process.

Our students will be in classes with approximately 25-30 Irish students of the same age. They follow the curriculum as laid out by the Irish Department of Education. At the beginning it will be challenging but our hope is that our students will adapt quickly to school life and in time be able to maintain a similar academic standard to the Irish students. Our students are treated in the same way as any other student in the school and are expected to behave accordingly.

Rockbrook International places students in over 40 different Catholic schools, mainly in the Dublin area but also in Wicklow, Carlow and Kildare. The secondary schools are all single-sex; primary schools either single-sex or mixed. The students are in class with Irish students of the same age.

They do exactly the same subjects as their classmates: mathematics, science, geography, history, business studies, etc – all through English. They do the same homework, exercises, and exams as their Irish classmates and the teacher will treat them as just one more student.

Our Tutors

All students are assigned a tutor who looks after them during their stay in Ireland. Tutors keep in regular contact with their students to help them settle into the school and family. They monitor their progress and deal with any issues which arise.

They send regular reports to their parents, generally by email. Both parents and host family have the tutor’s mobile number in case they need to contact him or her.